Ileana Hochmann

Ileana Hochmann takes the sign of emigration and immigration. Granddaughter of Russian, born in Argentina, lived most of her life in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Trained at the National School of Fine Arts, and later at the EAV, Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage en Rio de Janeiro (Parque Lage’s School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro), her work begins in generating tropicalistas artists renewing Latin American Culture in the 1970s breaking with foreign influences in search of an identity.

Hochmann chooses the technique of screen printing as an expression and contemporary artistic language and creating new approaches beyond reproduction. Chosen for their alternative media impressions as industrial acetates, natural materials and organic. The works come out of the flat surface making it three-dimensional objects.

Her courses “Silkscreen. New approaches” in the National School of Fine Arts already show artist’s vision.
Ileana Hochmann’s works have been exhibited in galleries and art galleries in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Rome and Rio de Janeiro.

Her works are part of the largest Engraving Collection in Latin America and several private collections.