Say you’re a Buenos Aires-based painter with a studio in San Telmo. The 250-square-foot space gets great natural light, which is key for your practice; it’s located in the Distrito de las Artes BA and the neighboring units are used by fellow artists, who don’t mind that you blast music at all hours of the night. It’s an ideal scenario. That is, until you start yearning for a change of scenery. What then?

A couple years ago, argentine artist Fernanda Piamonti found herself in a similar situation. Her studio in Cologne of Germany was like a second home, but she had an itch to travel and create elsewhere. She wanted to sublet his own space and find another abroad, but quickly realized that that was easier said than done. She turned to a friend, Daniela Heller, who manage LANDMANN-31 in Cologne to support Argentine artists in Germany. Together with the artists Ileana Hochmann, who has been working for years in Rio de Janeiro and Patrick Gläscher, famous for his realistic landscapes, now „FINO-630“ is launched as an international community art space.