FINO630 is more than an art space. It is a place where we believe in supporting and developing the career of professional artists, by providing a space to work in a creative atmosphere, in an international artist collective as well as using FINO630 as an access point for national and international galleries.

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Fernanda Piamonti

Fernanda Piamonti was born 1973 in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She began her Art education when she was 10 years old at The Arts High School Francisco De Santo. National University of La Plata (UNLP). Later she graduated as Art Professor with an Arts Licensure (UNLP). In 2002, she took Master…

Ileana Hochmann

Ileana Hochmann chooses the technique of screen printing as an expression and contemporary artistic language and creating new approaches beyond reproduction. Chosen for their alternative media impressions as industrial acetates, natural materials and organic.

Juan Ramón Rojas

Born 1950 in Godoy Cruz Mendoza, Juan Ramón Rojas (known as Pepo) began his studies with Mendez Terrero. In 1971 he moved to Spain where he began his studies of Engraving with the Uruguayan teacher Antonio Andivero, forming the Madrid Engravers Group. In 1973 his works were selected to be exhibited in the Museum of…

Patrick Gläscher

Patrick Gläscher recreates with pencil the landscapes that faced him during his fishing days in the Río de la Plata, the Paraná Delta and his explorations in the Pampa. In his artworks Gläscher reflects the nature with modernist sensibility and clarity.